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Larry Vanderwoude, LCDC, is the Founder and President of The Recovery Institute for Addiction Studies, LLC. In addition to his extensive business experience, Mr. Vanderwoude is one of the country’s leading criminal justice service providers, with nearly 20 years serving criminal justice communities by working with drug, DUI, and domestic violence offenders. A Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in the State of Texas, he is an expert in substance abuse issues, and has been interviewed by national media as a recognized leader in the field. Mr. Vanderwoude is also a trainer working with The Texas Department of State Health Services.

Larry Vanderwoude became active in the substance abuse treatment community by offering education and treatment programs, which at the time, was a unique and innovative undertaking in the industry. Larry continues to demonstrate a desire to reduce the impact of the number of people affected by substance use disorders in Texas. He recognizes the need for critical changes necessary to strengthen services in the Addiction Service Field.

With the dedication to meet the treatment essentials of those in need of services to treat substance use disorders and have access to quality care, it is necessary to have a strong system of care supported by a trained highly competent workforce. With significant changes in the health profession, there is a substantial need for improved infrastructure and capacity of significant challenges.