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August 19, 2015

Bail bond, ankle monitor companies see bonanza from biker arrests

Waco Tribune-Herald
By Tommy Witherspoon

The May 17 war zone around Twin Peaks cost lives, liberties and livelihoods, but local companies monitoring GPS ankle bracelets and writing bail bonds have enjoyed a virtual biker bonanza in recent months.

While McLennan County officials have been trying to sort out how to deal with the multiple ripple effects from the shootout and mass arrests of 177 bikers, Waco’s Recovery Healthcare Corp. and local bail bond companies have chalked up banner profits.

As of Friday, of the 177 arrested, three posted $1 million bonds and 163 were released from jail after their attorneys and prosecutors negotiated reduced bonds ranging from $10,000 to $300,000.

Of those freed bikers, 123 were ordered to wear GPS ankle bracelets, installed and monitored by Recovery Healthcare, as a condition of their releases.

Ronnie Marroquin, Waco office manager for Recovery Healthcare, declined to discuss proprietary information about the company. But, he said those ordered to wear the ankle bracelets must pay $355, which includes a $100 installation fee, and then $255 a month for as long as they wear it.

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