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Recovery Healthcare: Evidence-Based Practices.


Since 1993, Recovery Healthcare Corporation has been the forerunner in delivering smart solutions to the criminal justice community in Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

Our full range of services includes substance abuse assessment, education, intervention, treatment, and monitoring. We aim to keep communities safe, ensure compliance with court-ordered abstinence, and provide a sober start for the client.


Monitoring: Smarter Technology


Recovery Healthcare offers a full range of monitoring devices and support services to courts and agencies in Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Iowa. These devices track and manage offenders while they are awaiting trial, are on probation or parole, are re-entering the community from incarceration, or are at other stages within the criminal justice system.

GPS Tracking



Recovery Healthcare provides the SMART Active Tracking System − the world’s leading GPS offender tracking tool − to its courts and agencies.


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Alcohol Monitoring
& House Arrest



Recovery Healthcare offers standalone house arrest monitoring systems built to work with today’s home communications systems.


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Remote Alcohol Monitoring



Recovery Healthcare offers the world’s first handheld, wireless, portable breath alcohol device with automated facial recognition and GPS with every single test.


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Drug Testing



RHC offers Urine Drug Testing, Hair Follicle and Drug Sweat Patches.


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Recovery Health Care

Treatment: A Multi-phase Approach.


Recovery Healthcare Corporation has developed an Intensive Outpatient Program that has a multi-phase approach, is tailored to each client’s needs, and is licensed by Texas Department of Health Services.